SJ Bradley

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

This summer, Jimmy Cauty's artwork the Aftermath Dislocation Principle will be taking a RIOT! tour around the country. It will be arriving in Leeds from the 14th-21st July.

We are gathering riot stories, poetry, and narratives to publish in a newspaper / fanzine to appear as a companion piece during its time here. The newspaper will be given away free, and all authors will retain copyright to their work.

We are gathering stories and poems in response to the theme of 'riot'. True stories about radical action (including community organising, and radical groups) are also welcome. Accepted pieces will be published in the accompanying newspaper which will be available, for free, when the Aftermath Dislocation Principle lands in Leeds.

Perhaps you were caught up in a riot? Perhaps you were a bystander in a riot, or your business or family were affected by the aftermath of a riot? Please note: we are looking for stories of things that happened in Leeds, so whichever part of the city you are from, we want to hear from you. If it's a true story, please try to include a year or date which tells us when your story took place.

We are accepting creative responses (stories or poems) on the theme, too. What makes you feel like rioting? How do riots make you feel? What destruction have you witnessed? Responses to all of these questions, and more, are welcome.

Please send your submissions in .doc format (2000 words or less for prose please, 30 lines or less for poetry)

When submitting your story / piece to our project, please also give us a short description of what your piece is in the 'further information' box as you submit. This will help us to keep track of things!